KL523 – Silicone Spray – 400ml


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Look good, Stay clean, & lubricated without collecting dirt & grime with the protection of Silicone Lubricant & Protectant. Specifically created to keep your moving parts and pieces moving smooth like no other. Lubricates without collecting dirt and grime or inducing drag like a grease or oil, frees up essential moving parts putting an end to sticking & friction, stops rust in its tracks, and blocks buildup of dirt and contaminants on your RC parts drastically reducing cleaning time, prep, & mess.

  • Fast drying silicone lubricant, protector, and release agent
  • Ultimate bearing, drivetrain, and suspension lubricant in one
  • Unaffected by water or oils protects from rust and corrosion
  • After run application protects pins, shafts, and bearings
  • Heat stable to 400 degrees and will not freeze or melt
  • Reduces regular maintenance and increases durability
  • Keep out of electronics (Apply with rag to casings only)


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