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Current : 150A, burst 950A
Entrance : 2-6S Lipo or 6-18 NiMH cells
Resistance : 0.0002Ω
BEC Output : 6V/7.2V, 6A / Max.15A (Switching mode)
Compatible engine : Sensored motor / Sensorless brushless
Engine limit : 4S LiPo : KV ≤ 3000
6S LiPo: KV ≤ 2400 (Motor size: 4074)
Ideal for : 1/8 Track / Buggy / Truggy / Monster competition
Fan : Available, powered by the OCI
Size : 58.7 × 48.7 × 36.9mm

Comes without battery connector.
Highly reliable
Thanks to years of experience of technical improvements, the XR8 is the most powerful and successful controller of all its predecessors.
This new generation of controller not only provides extraordinary power but is also protected against the problems that overloads can create. This reduces the possibility of breakdowns and increases its reliability over time.

Dynamic Timing Programming
It is the first 1/8th controller in the world to be equipped with Dynamic Timing technology, a technology that has become essential and has proven itself for a long time in 1/10th competition, including Touring.
An additional adjustment range, which will allow you to have even more power available for long accelerations while maintaining acceleration flexibility.
(Note: Dynamic Timing is only applicable on 2-pole motors with the controller in “pure sensored” mode)

Avant-garde and secure switch
The electronic switch on this controller has a lifespan of more than 50,000 start/stop operations. Its manufacturing quality allows it to be waterproof, protected against dust and shocks. No more unexpected shutdown following a shock (or reception of a jump), no more contact problems due to dust, moisture or even oxidation inside the switch.

Optimized cooling system
Hobbywing has patented a brand new system for cooling the controller’s internal electronic stage that is directly cooled by the machined aluminum external housing.
In addition, the fan has adopted an “anti-shock” design, specially designed to reduce failures due to numerous jumps on the circuits.
This new optimized cooling system will ensure that the controller will always operate in optimal internal temperature conditions.

Automatic Mode Switching
The ESC will automatically switch from sensored mode to sensorless mode during the run.
This makes it possible to continue driving if the controller detects an abnormal signal coming from the sensor.

A super in-house BEC
It is the first 1/8th controller in the world to have an internal super BEC capable of delivering a maximum current of more than 15A while having the choice between a voltage of 6V or 7.2V (by setting the controller). It can power different servos including Hight Voltage servos that will bring ease and incredible performance to pilots.

Free and easy to maintain
The entire controller is simple to maintain.
Simply unplug the fan to replace it and you are free to disassemble the entire controller for complete internal maintenance.


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