Traxxas – Rod end set, complete, TRX-4


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Rod end set, complete (standard (10), angled 10-degrees (8), offset (4))
Rod end set features standard rod ends (10), 10-degree angled rod ends (8), and offset rod ends (4).

Replacement part for these models:

TRX-4® 1972 Chevrolet® Blazer® High Trail Edition™
TRX-4® 1979 Chevrolet® Blazer®
TRX-4® 1979 Ford® Bronco®
TRX-4® Chevrolet® K10 High Trail Edition™
TRX-4® Equipped with Traxx®
TRX-4® Ford® Bronco®
TRX-4® Ford® F-150® High Trail Edition™
TRX-4® Land Rover® Defender®
TRX-4® Sport High Trail Edition™
TRX-4® Sport Unassembled Kit
TRX-4® Sport
TRX-4® Unassembled Kit
TRX-6® Mercedes-Benz® G 63® AMG 6X6
TRX-6® Ultimate RC Hauler


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