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VW Type 2 T1 Samba Bus: A sophisticated model kit for lovers of classic cars

Do you love classic cars and want to improve your model building skills? Then the VW Type 2 T1 Samba Bus in 1/16 scale is just what you need! With a part count of 223 and a length of 272 mm, this kit is perfect for experienced modelers aged 14 and up. This sophisticated kit includes a multi-part body, detailed interior, movable doors and tailgate, and a detailed engine replica. You also have the choice of building the roof closed or with the folding roof pushed together. With plenty of chrome parts such as hubcaps, door handles, windshield wipers, multi-piece chrome trim and front emblem, this kit offers a wealth of detail that gives it distinctive automotive charm.


  • Multi-piece body
  • Detailed interior
  • Movable doors and tailgate
  • Choose to build roof closed or with folding roof pushed together
  • Detailed engine replica
  • European and American bumper designs
  • Many chrome parts such as hubcaps, door handles, wipers, multi-piece chrome trim and front emblem

This kit offers you the opportunity to build a classic car model in your own home and improve your modeling skills. VW Type 2 T1 Samba Bus kit is perfect for classic car lovers and model enthusiasts who want to expand their collection.

Background information:

The VW Type 2 T1 Samba Bus is a legendary and popular vehicle introduced by Volkswagen in the 1950s. With its distinctive appearance and solid construction, the T1 Samba Bus quickly became a cult car. Revell, one of the leading manufacturers of model kits, has developed this kit to revive the charm and beauty of the VW T1 Samba Bus. With this kit you can live out your passion for modeling and classic cars and expand your collection.

VW Typ 2 T1 Samba Bus

Product number: 07009
Number of parts:
272 mm



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