POCHER – HK119 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Giallo Orion


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Pocher – HK119 – Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Giallo Orion


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Get ready for over 20 hours of kit-building joy. The die-cast body, real rubber tyres, and plastic detailing of this Lamborghini Aventador are all pre-decorated, so all that’s left is to take those 794 pieces and put them together!

The iconic bright yellow of Gaillo Orion makes for the most eye-catching finish. Every single detail of the original car has been faithfully depicted, with the trademark scissor doors and hidden door handles, Y-shaped daytime running lights, and even the nuances of the mighty V12 engine all included.

Measuring 60cm long, 29cm wide, and 15cm tall, this model should be at the centre of any display once you’ve finished making it.

The Lamborghini Aventador is surely the first car that comes to mind when you think of supercars. Filippo Perini designed this powerful machine inspired by military aviation. You can see the influence of the F-117 Stealth Fighter jet in the geometric shape, the wide hexagonal air intake that looks like it could suck up a small dog, and the raked windscreen, which leaves just enough space for driver and passenger.

On the inside are military-grade buttons and switches, including a little red flip-up switch over the power button. This is just like the catch in fighter jets to prevent accidental firing. Factor in the Lamborghini Aventador’s 0-60mph in 2.9-second acceleration and the F1-style pushrod suspension design, and you have a supercar capable of immense power, easily pushing 217mph as its top speed.

Lamborghini made around 750 a year of this highly desirable car, adding to its luxurious, exclusive nature. It was released just weeks before the beatification of Pope John Paul II in a genius marketing move that may or may not have been deliberate. Production ended in 2022, but we’re bringing it back in 1.8 scale model form, making this the only new Lamborghini Aventador you’ll get in 2023.

What’s Inside

1 x Lamborghini Aventador

Tech Specs

Item Length – Without Packaging (cm)
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Item Scale
1:8 Scale


Pocher Model Kits

Pocher models are recognised as some of the most complex and detailed automobile kits ever made, carefully constructed from premium die-cast metal and ready painted.

A Brief Pocher History

Pocher released its first 1:8 scale model kit back in 1966 - the Fiat 130 HP F2. Since then, this exemplary brand has developed and marketed the world's most impressive car kits in 1:8 scale and most recently motorbikes in 1:4 scale. From Rolls Royce to Porsche, through Bugatti, Mercedes and Ferrari, these, with others, have been some of the iconic brands of super high-end cars Pocher has produced as stunning models during the nearly 50 years of its history. Arnaldo Pocher was born in 1911 in Trento, Italy. He trained as a goldsmith engraver and went to work in Turin. In the years following the Second World War he became interested in railway modelling and in 1951 he formed Pocher Micromeccanica S.n.c. alongside Corrado Muratore producing train signals, platforms and points using innovative production techniques. Under a change of name, The Corrado Muratore and Arnaldo Pocher Company, they produced finely detailed freight and passenger carriages in white metal and later locomotives and power cars. At the International Toy Fair of Milan in 1966, the Pocher stand astonished the world with its wonderfully detailed 1:8 scale model of the Fiat F2 130HP, the car which won the 1907 French Grand Prix driven by Felice Nazzaro. The model contained 144 high-resistance plastic parts, 173 in brass and 506 in steel, copper, leather, rubber and aluminium. The Company went on to produce ever more detailed models of motoring classics including the 1931-34 Alfa Romeo 2300 Ac Monza, the 1932 Rolls Royce Phanton II Drophead Sedanca Coupe, the 1932 Alfa Romeo Touring, the Mercedes-Benz 500K/AK containing 2,378 part and then the Rolls Royce Torpedo Phanton II Convertible with 2,905 parts. Pocher continued to produce highly prized and detailed model cars under Rivarossi from 1981 until the organisation became part of Hornby Hobbies and was relaunched in 2012.

What makes Pocher so Iconic?

These premium quality kits contain over 800 parts made from a range of materials including metal, rubber, textiles and premium quality plastic. Other key components such as the body shell, front and rear chassis, suspension and steering are injected in high quality die-cast metal and are fully painted. Features such as steering, suspension and spoiler mechanisms are functional alongside opening doors and hatches. Even the fuel cap can be opened Presenting fully detailed parts has been one of the most well-known Pocher features over the years. Our aim is to exactly reproduce every detail as shown in real life; even those that might not be seen once the model has been assembled. We always pay special attention to the engine, where every little part seen in the real one can be found


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