Master Tools – Basic Etching Parts – Circle 3


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Master Tools – Basic Etching Parts – Circle 3


Product Description

*Gateless type that does not require time-consuming cutting work.

*Pinch with tweezers etc. to remove from the film, and just attach it as is to make detail improvement work easily.

*With a versatile basic round design, it can widely be used for adding detail to character models, and for the production of original parts.

*A total of 9 sizes with an outer diameter of 2 to 6 mm (0.5 mm increments ) are included.

*Product material: stainless steel/thickness 0.2mm (non-magnetic type)

How to use

1. Remove the protective film on the front side.

2. Pinch the parts with tweezers and remove them from the adhesive sheet on the back. Place handle with care as the small, thin parts may be deformed.

3. Glue the parts to the desired location. Please use instant adhesive or epoxy adhesive when bonding.

4. If you want to paint the parts, first apply a primer or surfacer on the metal parts before applying the base treatment.

5. Keep the frame after use. It can be used as a circle template.

Please note

This product has no adhesive treatment on the back side of the parts.

This product is a non-magnetic type and does not attract magnets, etc.


Trumpeter Master Tools

Master Tools is a range of Model Making tools and supplies from Trumpeter, they offer a selection of products for the discerning model maker.


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