Machine Works – V-Twin Motorcycle Engine


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Machine Works V-Twin Motorcycle Engine

Build a fully functional, motorized model of a V-Twin motorcycle engine.

Dad’s Choice Awards 2014 – Winner Features sound recorded from a real engine, plated exhausts, air filter cover and engine side covers to give the finished model a customized look. The see-through cylinders and illuminating spark plugs allow you to see how each part of the engine works. Contains more than 150 pieces and all that you need to assemble the model. Comes with a style manual giving you step by step instructions as well as interesting information about V-Twin engines.

3 x AA batteries

Features & Benefits:
construct a fully working model of a motorcycle engine.
features transparent engine cases that make the moving parts visible during operation.
illuminating spark plugs and fully functional overhead cam valve operation
includes everything you need to build your own engine.
instructions and step-by-step diagrams.


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