Louise RC – MFT X UPHILL Traxxas X-MAXX Tires


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Louise RC X UPHILL Traxxas X-MAXX Monster Truck Tire (1 Pair)

This tire set fits Front and Rear, Traxxas – X-Maxx

MFT Technology
MFT stands for Micro Fiber Technology. This technology indicates the presence of a textile belt in the rubber tread of the tire to prevent the tire from deforming and ballooning during high speed operations. The MFT technology keeps the tire in shape, even during powerful accelerations and high-speed runs. The well-known ballooning of a normal tire without MFT technology that disturbs the entire shape and where the diameter of the tire changes under these extreme conditions, is now part of the past. The MFT Technology provides increased stability, significant more road contact and the tire life is extended.
Important: The tire with MFT technology is usually a bit heavier and larger in size then normal tires without the MFT technology. We recommend to check your gear ratio and adjust if needed. We also recommend to update your steering servo as these tires provide more grip and may overload a standard servo.

Tech Specs
o Car Type: X-Maxx
o Wheel Adapter: Hex 24mm
o Wheel Off-Set: 0-Offset.
o Wheel Color: Black
o Wheel Dia.: 140mm
o Wheel Type: Glued
o Wheel Material: Nylon Composite
o Tire Techn.: MFT – Micro Fiber Technology
o Tire Compound: Sport – Soft
o Tire Size: 213x98mm
o Tire Weight (1): 780 gg


Louise RC

Driving control is not that simple, but choosing Louise RC tires is easier. That is because our designers and engineers realize what you need and develop the most performance goods out to fit it. Our tires are an expression of our passion and ambition. The design of the tire sidewall is the soul of Art and the Performance is the feeling you felt. Hobbies are always under selection, the right choices will inspire your life Having funs with LOUISE RC tire is just that simple!


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