EV Peak – C1 Charger 12V 50W/6A


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EV-peak Chargers

EV Peak C1 Multi-Function Balance Charger 12V 50W/6A


DC Input Voltage 11-18V
Charge power max.50W
Discharger power max.5W
Charge current range 0.1-6.0A
Discharge current range 0.1-2.0A
Balance current max.400mA
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count 1 – 15cells
LiPo/LiLo/LiFe battery cell count 1 – 6series
Pb battery voltage 2V – 24V
Weight 200g
Dimensions 81*130*25mm
C1 is a multi chemistry balance charger&discharger.
Charge power is 50W and max current is 6A.
End voltage adjustable
Automatic charging current limite
Safety temperature controlled
Aluminum case
Safety timer
Individual battery voltage checking
10 sets of battery memory



(EV-PEAK)has been determined to become the world's leading supplier of fast and intelligent charging management system, with products exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our products are widely used in model airplanes, drones, electric vehicles, robots and other fields.
EV-peak Chargers


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