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-The tweezers with magnifying glass for doing jobs precision makes any task involving small parts easy. Thanks to its curved morphology and magnification of the magnifying glass, this essential modelling tool and other crafts allows both modeler like others who are passionate about manual challenges handling small parts, previously impossible. You will no longer have to hold the tweezer with one hand and a magnifying glass with the other one, it is the 2-in-1 you needed.
-As it is also made of reinforced plastic and high-quality metal, the curved tweezers with magnifying glass is very durable and resistant, thus meeting the demands of our modelling friends.

-There is some modelling tools for your briefcase that are essential for fastening and precision tasks when handling small parts. This is the case of the precision tweezers with magnifying glass from Artesania Latina, which will make the construction of wooden, plastic or metal models and other crafts more pleasant.
-The precision curved tweezers with magnifying glass is designed for the most complicated situations that modelers and lovers of other crafts face. In some moments of the construction of models, it is necessary to paint, glue or sand, among other actions, parts so miniscule that our eyes do not allow us to work on them. Even for placing a tiny piece in an outdoor area, the tweezers is also very functional. When that happens, use the modelling tool that will get you there: our precision tweezers with magnifying pliers.
-With the precision tweezers with magnifying glass you will learn new techniques during the assembly of models and progress in your knowledge of modelling

What’s in the Box:
1x Precision Tweezers w/Magnifying Glass

Recommended Age: 14


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